Staff Training

We conduct regular training programmes/ workshops for our Sales/Management team which enhances their Personality, Confidence, Motivation, Leadership & Management Skills.

Our main focus is to produce:
a) learning all aspect of hard core marketing practically and throughly institutional sales. direct sales, corporate sales.
b) Learning the importance of maintaining a positive attitude punctuality and consistency.
C) Developing confidence, communication skills and qualities that enable, you to handle all sorts of situations in the field.
d) Learning to handle customers developing relationship with customers and learming to take rejections.
a) Training others developing a team managing and leadings team motivating them and helping them achieve their targets.
b) Developing a leadership and managements skills.
c) Running impacts, crew meeting, special classes.
d) Being a role model for other in the office and be seen as a leader.
a) Learning aspects of human resources management interview and recruitments.
b) Learning accounts, taxations, Office administration, paper work , reporting & hanking activities.
c) Learning and managing warehousing inventory management, transportation, merchandise transfer etc.
d) Developing and implementing strategies. Understanding the psychology of running an office, running an office without supervision.
4) Manager/Owner
a) Taking care of all aspects of office management as learned during training.
b) Running a profitable and successful branch office.
c) Preparing for the next stage as "Vice President".
Managing multiple offices and helping them develop and expand further.


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